Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fairy Furniture Night

Last night at my arty ladies get together, I came along with a bin filled of my jars of natures treasures, twigs, vines, nuts, flower cones and a hot glue gun.
We spent the night making fairy furniture and accessories, something that is so satisfying and interesting to do and all made from the little bits of nature that we never usually give a second glance.
Here is what we made

A' poppy chair' fit for a king

'love seat'  I made the flower shape by using a paper punch on a thin piece of bark

'flower seat'

'acorn vase'

assorted tea cups, champange flutes and wines goblets

these wine goblets are made from field poppy heads, cut the top off, empty the inside and glue top to the bottom for a base

'wreaths' for dancing at fairy festivals

where maybe you would win the first prize 'trophy' for best flying!

a 'basinette' for a fairy baby

lined with wonderful smelling rose petals

and a dreamy headboard made from feathers from Fantails and Peacocks

we even made a little baby

all very tiny and cute

and awaiting homes

Im waiting on an email from post shop who will tell me if these can be posted overseas, I know they cannot be sent to New Zealand because of our customs rules.  So once in my shop there may be restrictions on who can have them.  But why not go for a walk  today in your yard or park and see what you can find, its not time consuming at all, just very satisfying and fun.
Give it the try, the fairies will love you for it.

you can see my original fairy furniture here.

Hope your day is fine and dandy


  1. These are FABULOUS, Sheree!!! I love each and every one. One of my favorite things to do is forage for nature's treasures when we go for walks. I collect quite a bit of it. We had many wind storms during the winter and so there are many twigs in the yard. I need to start picking all of them up and start building! xoxo Theresa

  2. Absolutely amazing! I am in awe, xo

  3. There's definitely something of the fae in you Sheree! I wouldn't be surprised if you wake up tomorrow and find that the little people have been by and carted off these treasures you made for them. They will be sure to leave you a little something in return; you'll just have to hunt around a bit and try and find it.

  4. Such delightful creations ~ all!!! Can you hear me squealing with delight over here across the pond??? This is the most wonderful post ~ I adore it!!! Happy Blessings to you! ~ Katie

  5. Perfect in every detail...and not a drip of glue to be seen!!! How magical and sweet....a lovely way to redesign what Nature gives us ;)

  6. I´m here because I saw a comment you wrote on Vanessa´s (a fanciful twist) post about her vertigo. I guess today is a day for "reality" and I truly enjoyed reading your comment. My son was almost killed by the same thing, chemicals in food, everywhere. ( ) He´s alive because, I suppose, he has a purpose in life, but our diets, medications and our outlook on life has changed drastically. I enjoyed reading your comment because it´s nice to know difficult doesn´t only happen to us, that we are not alone. I appreciate not feeling alone, you have no idea how much I appreciate it, especially with how hard life is getting where we live ( ). Thankyou for writing something, for someone else, and reaching a heart all the way over in Mexico... have a beautiful day... Clau

  7. ok, I´m majorly embarassed! The comment I sent above was meant for another must think I´m just wacko!!!! LOL!!!sorry, and have a nice day!

  8. Okay, these are simply the sweetest things ever! How very clever of you...what a whimsical little world you live in. And by the way, many many years ago when I lived in LA...they had little tiny fairy furniture for sale in a very expensive store on Melrose, chairs for 700.00 a piece, things like that...and Whoopi Goldberg bought the entire set! So there you have it! Nice to visit again, keep happy, Juner

  9. Oh, I am so enchanted by your creations!

  10. Beautiful on the inside and out Sheree i have just be reading your blog. Such a breath of fresh air just want i needed. Deanna xx

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  12. I really like the fairy furniture you made, it was so adorable and cute to see. 10 hot stars for this kind of creativity

  13. These are incredibly beautiful ~ So inspiring! I just want to curl up in that feathery faerie bed to drift and doze and dream x:-)

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