Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mad Tea Party 2012

Welcome Back
Thought I would wait for something extra special to accompany my reappearance to blogging
and as much as I tried to not be involved with 'The Mad Tea Party' over at 'A Fanciful Twist', I just couldn't do it, so here I am xxx
I LOVE this party so much Vanessa xxx

A Fairy Tea Party Tale

There was once a girl who spent every moment she could in the forest, talking to the trees, listening to their songs in the breeze, forever searching for something....

 hearing laughter and bells and songs, she never understood how she could be wrong,
 surely someone is following me, she searched on and on but with nothing to see....

one day she stumbled on a tiny hole in the ground with what looked like a mail box, just sitting around...and there was mail in it?....
she pulled out the mail, so tiny so sweet...
does someone live here, with the tiniest feet?

what kind of person received mail so small.....
if they actually were even a person at all


there were 3 tiny letters and the girl opened one
 it was an invite to a party, today, the words sung
she knew the place well, she had been there before
she longed to hear the little songs more

she crept to the clearing and could not believe her eyes,
 peeking around, what an amazing surprise!

there sure was a party, but no body was there
she was sure she was quiet, did she give them a scare?

the girl crouched down, and looked at the ground
scattered with festive things all around

ever so tiny, for fairies for sure
ohh where did they go, would they come back for more?

the tables were set with food and with drink
the chairs were all pulled out, they were here dont you think?

carnival bunting tied up in the weeds
spells festive party, it says that indeed

the teapot is set with cups to enjoy
its magical rose tea, and tastes good ohh boy

dresses are waiting, please put one on
made by a fairy with flowers to adorn...

so many to choose from, which one could you pick
they all look so cute, which one gets the tick!...

feasts on all tables, flowers and wine
these fairies sure know which way to dine

flowers and seeds and nuts all a plenty
you couldnt leave here with your tummy all empty

a spot of tea for the ones who dont drink
I do love that handle, so cute dont you think?...

a festive brew for the party type folk
they fill up on mead and think everythings a joke!...

small table settings with lamps made of gold
what an amazing party with decorations to behold

the girl took a cup that was filled with a drink
what could it hurt, is it poison you think?....

she drank it all down  mmmmmm honey she said
drink too much of that and I'd be off to bed!....

She looked at the dresses, she loved the pink one
with golden roses, lining the tum

hhmm bit small I think, pity Im too big
 pity I didnt shrink when I had that swig...

time for food I think, lets give it a try
it looks very pretty but incredibly dry....

 she had just a bit, on the end of her finger
it smelt of perfume, a strong smell that did linger

she tasted the food, yes indeed it was dry
well at least she was brave and did give it a try..

a walnut with gold dust, a sight to behold
do you think its fairy dust with wishes to be sold?...

she took up the dust to make her a wish
poured all of the gold dust out of the dish...

she blew it away into the air
making a wish that the people were here...

she then heard a giggle, it came from the throne
made out of poppys..hmm she wasent alone...

although no one was there, their voices were heard
it was the king that was talking, she heard every word

"there's no need to wish us, into your sight
we are all here together watching you bite"

"eating our food, drinking our drink
wasting our fairy dust, missing the link"

"come sit by the fire, we chopped up some wood
ohh hang on your too big, over there if you would"

so the party kept going, the noise was so loud
for someone she couldnt see they were awfully proud...

they showed her around, told her who was who where
if only she could see, how frustrating and unfair...

"dont worry about it miss, there isnt a matter
do you think you could see us, if we were all fatter?"

she listened to the music and singing with glee
for music was her passion and dancing you see...

they offered her food, some more mead to drink
what did she like most, what did she think?

the fairies were aflutter, all excited and high
their first real visitor, and they didnt even try!....

the lit the fire and gathered for a song
"dont worry you know the words, you sing it all day long"

and indeed the girl did, for she heard it each day
the songs of the forest, turns out the fairies did play...

the fire was ablaze, the tents had been hiked
it looked like the fairys party well into night

the party went on and stories were shared
songs they were sung and not a fairy was bared

 as time got on, the girl had to go home
but she would come back tomorrow, she promised alone...

as the girl left, she felt light as air
had she been touch by fairy magic somehow in there?...

 her steps layed out magic, in flowers of pink
left in the path, where her footprints did sink...

she walked on...

and on.....

and on....

leaving pink and gold dust beauty everwhere she walked..

thru the woods...

back home...


to tell no one....

of what she dreamed of while she slept in the woods...

 because maybe it wasent a dream at all....

and the world really is magic

and we really are being watched everytime we think we hear a song

whispering thru the trees.... maybee its not the breeze.......


Have a cup of tea on me, sorry be we only have Decaf or  Rose Petal tea

Thankyou to my beautiful Niece Tristian for playing fairies with me today

and welcome everybody back to the wonderful world of
Raven Moon Magic
soooo many tales to share

But for now get hopping to the other teaparties
the links are all here at
'A Fanciful Twist'



  1. such a tea party you had!!! truly MAGICAL. i am sure faeries where there too, all those cups, teapots and faery furnitures...ohhh!

  2. Aaaaaah! You had me at acorn tea cups! And you've got such an awesome outfit!

  3. This is pure MAGIC! I was really taken on a beautiful journey - I absolutely loved it!!! Hope you can visit my parties as well.

  4. Childhood dreams come true! I used to spend hours making fairy villages. Xx love it

  5. Your back!!! Yay!!! With such a wonderful fairy tea party too, I loved it sooooo much, it was so beautiful.

  6. Pure magic. Now I KNOW you're really a fairy!

  7. Oh what a stunning party, well done! The photos are wonderful and I love the tea party in miniature!

    Please come take a cuppa with me at my party, link here:

  8. Love , love, love your miniature party, everything is truly magical. xx

  9. Oh Yeah! You're back! And what a comeback!!! I LOVE your post! The costumes are wonderful, all if it is wonderful! I will put you back on my side bar, I am so happy!
    Come over to my party when you get a chance, the Aunts are a little out of control so it should be fun.
    I will stop by later to visit, looking forward to more posts!

  10. That was an absolutely magical journey to a party in the trees...though you weren't able see them I know they were pleased!

  11. Oh wow what a wonderful fairy party, I really enjoyed it thankyou so much :)
    I hope to see you soon at my party too, everyone is invited :)
    Mad Madam Mel x

  12. What detailed work! Welcome back to the blogging world! Its great your back and thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed your post!

  13. This was enchanting.....
    Jill James

  14. Oh my gosh, where do I begin?! The tiny tea set and dresses, the beautiful photography...this was a truly magical party!! I adore everything about it! Thank you so much for inviting me :) ~Lauren

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE...this is so beautyful...i love it.
    You make a wonderful magic fairy mad tea party...WOW
    Thanks for this MAGIC

  16. How wonderful that you came back for the Mad Tea Party. I knew you would devise something amazingly magical. I just ADORE that beautiful nature tea set. :) Hope you can come visit with me, too.
    Sincerely, Theresa :)
    Happy Mad Tea Party Day!

  17. MAGICALLLL!!!! Such Creativity!!! I want to Go there! I can even smell the woods while I sit here in the dry desert! Thank you for sharing!
    Cheers, Kelly

  18. So creative ~ utilizing the fairy furniture that you make!

    Give me a visit some time ~

  19. Gorgeous and breathtaking, Sheree! From the tiny bunting, to the lovely the talented fairy seamstresses the magical trail of footprints (my personal favorite)...I was enthralled!! So gorgeous!!

    I'm so happy you are back :)
    You sure know how to make an entrance ;P

    Hugs galore,

  20. This was the cutest, most beautiful story! Wow! The supertiny furnitures, oh, it was absolutely magical. Fantastic work!!!!

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  21. Magical party! Please stop by mine if you can! :)

  22. What a perfectly magical way to re-enter the land of blog! So serene and such quiet magic.. I'm so happy to have been able to visit this tiny woodland tea party. P.S. You skirt is wonderful!

    I hope you'll stop by for a visit when you're able:

  23. Creative & magical, I loved your story, photos, & itty bitty creations! Bravo!

  24. Sheree, your Tea party is truly faerie kissed. It made my romantic heart go dreamy and warm inside.

  25. HOW wonderfully CREATIVE you are! Great party, love your poem/story and the festive partiers and their village were sooo awesome!
    Come visit mine:

    love n light,

  26. What a magnificent teeny tiny tea party! Thank you so very much for sharing your magic wonderland with me! I do hope you will come visit mine!

  27. I want to drink the elixir that will shrink me small enough to attend this woodland tea party! I'm amazed at your intricate craftsmanship. Thank you!


  28. Shereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    I have to say, you are my sister of the heart!! I can always count on you to take me to places that I see in my mind's eye. You are a brilliant artiste!!!

    I love all the little bits and bobs and details, beyond beautiful!!

    Beyond precious, you created a real world within worlds!!

    Thank you for jumping in, I missed you!! xoxo

    Happy Mad Tea Partying!
    ♥ Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

  29. Sheree! I'm sooo glad to see you back in the blogging world! Such a magical, beautiful party you made! i loved every moment of it!
    love & blessings

  30. What a magically mad tea party! How delightful that you found the fairies' spot for tea. Those tiny dresses are divine. I do love the tea pot with that wicked handle. Thanks for sharing! ~Michelle

  31. I love your tea party photos, full of magic and whimsy, and your outfit is lovely magical fae being.
    Will definitely be stopping by here again

    I seem to be running awfully late for all these tea parties so must dash....
    but do pop by

  32. I had an amazing time at your party. I loved everything about it. All the faeries showed me where to go and brought me to the middle of the forest where the actual tea waas being served. It was so magical. Thank you for inviting me. I hope that you can visit me:

  33. Thank you for taking me along on your journey. I had a delightful time.

  34. A truly amazing tale and tea party! It was exceptional! Thank you for inviting me!

  35. Fairy parties are the best. I only wish I could have seen them in their finest wear. Perhaps if I had a bit more to drink, or a dusting of fairy dust.

  36. This was amazing. No questions asked. You take great pictures, and a wonderful story to go with them! Here is a link to my party if you'd care for some much larger treats...haha

  37. Oh how wonderful ! I enjoyed your party so! All the faerie magic and wonder, just amazing! I must run off now, theres more parties to attend and lots more TEA!!! Wont you follow me?

    Xo Susan

  38. Wow, the most magical tea party of all! I need one of those faerie dresses!!!!! So beautiful!!!!!!
    thank you for having me

  39. What a fun tea party and so beautifully photographed! I think the little fairies' tearoom must be the one I imagined existed in forests everywhere!! So clever of you to have found the one we always knew was there!!!!

    Won't you please come visit me at The Tearoom?

    Wishing you a wonderful day!


  40. Your story was so intriguing, an inspiration I did find! A fairy tale of curious things that though mysterious, seem kind! :)

  41. Oh my gosh! This was just glorious. And all in rhyme, too! I loved the wee fairy furniture and the weeny place settings and the pink blossom footprints are sheer magic. I've been visiting Mad Tea Parties for 3 days now and every time I think I've seen everything, something new comes along and leaves me breathless. This was really wonderful!

    Thank you for inviting me!

  42. What a delightful and unique Alice story! I just love all of the furniture, and the fairy dresses and all of the special little touches you added, like the footprints.


  43. this was one of my favorite parties. Your imagination is wonderfully creative. I am hosting a giveaway on my own blog for the blog hop so please drop by.

  44. What a sweet little celebration! I love the natural materials you used in the furniture and table clever! The fairy dressed were my favorite though. Thanks for sharing!

  45. This is one of the most beautiful and magical things I have ever seen! Magnificent details and story.

  46. I am utterly enchanted by the magic of this post, so beautiful x


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