Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I finally wrote the effing book

Im back from the deep abyss of creating, ready to return to the blogging world.  Everyone needs a holiday and mine has been more of an OE.
So Im happy to be back here, back to the connection
I love it here and had a support like no other while I roamed these blog halls.
Missed it so much, I need need my online community back.
Since Ive been gone I have
exhibited, created, travelled, panicked, experimented with food, grown plants, raised a beautiful child, loved, painted, meditated alot!, cleaned, thrown out 70% of my books, written amazing stories, pinned, got back into movies, partied, cried, created a market day, become obsessed with wasabi, healed, moved forward, prayed, become a Grimm addict, perfected home made pasta, made jewellery, killed and eaten animals, drank cider, laughed, got an iphone, watched inspirational talks, made fairy furniture and my first book
 I had an exhibition in August in a place 2.5 hours from my home.  Now I still have Agoraphobia so it was a really good opportunity to push thru and get really uncomfortable and not explode or die like us special people seem to feel we are going to do.
My furniture was so well received  and inspiring to others, really opening up their minds.  This is a service I seem to be performing for free.  Im having to find new ways to get my work into peoples everyday lives.  Every loves it thats for sure but fairy furniture dosent easily relate to the everyday life, we dont all want a pretty stick display in our house.
This has been my mission, working on my creative business brain to figure out how I can use my creations as a by-product for something even bigger.

Its helped me understand the term Paradigm.  The process of our mind expanding is interesting, we can only think what we can think and once we expand on a new idea its like a whole new layer is added, I have been working on this expansion over and over and my ideas are flowing so easily, its like Im really exercising my problem solving tools and they are getting bigger and better.
My creativity Paradigm is expanding and evolving at a great rate.  It feels like your un-stop-able some days. The way creativity should be.  Nothing worse than being stuck.

So even though anxiety may still prove a problem its not the biggest issue in the world so I dont pressure myself or pay it too much attention.
Im concentrating on what I want to create not what I want to be rid of.  Its time will come.  Im learning so much of real anxiety.  Its very misunderstood, and I have an amazing insight into how this beast works.  One day this will help someone or many so right now Im paying attention to how it works, and what are the benefits of having it.  Sounds f*#ked, but there are many.  My life was much to large before, I like this condensed version that keeps me grounded in my home town.  I needed to be brought back to earth and concentrate on being here, not everywhere else, what better way to achieve that!
The universe aint silly, somethings going on, Im trusting this process and seeing it thru and no longer rushing out of uncomfortable-ness.
Im sitting with my miserable days and learning as much as I can.
Someone has been growing up since we have been away from here
 Now 5 and going to big school, I love watching her read and write, its an amazing evolution, way more exciting than the crawling, walking type of milestones we are used to.  She has the best imagination and tells the biggest stories otherwise known as porkies.
Love her stories xxx
Still crazy as ever though! Love wild children!
 We have moved thru a very mild Winter with not even one frost on the car windows
 and so far the Spring is stunning
These new displays are off to be for sale in 'The Fairy Shop" in Auckland.
Market scenes, Houses and Gardens

But the BIG thing that is coming out of all of this is my very new creative mission
After years of writing stories for children, they are finally being made into books
The first one is at the printers right now and should be released in early December just in time for Christmas and Southern Hemisphere Summer.
 It was an intense labour of love and took a huge amount of persistence and drive to get to this point.  Im putting together a tutorial post for how I got from an idea in my head, into a printed book.
The fears involved, how to deal with the days your crying in the shower or scrubbing your floor or anything else but the task at hand.
Im self publishing to get this show on the road, and doing all my own marketing, that in itself is a huge learning curve
 Somehow this dream has come to fruition while so many others have fallen off and never been completed.  Some projects are hard and scarey, even terrifying and make you feel like running incase of failure.  But deep inside you there is a pure happiness and excitement that you get glimpses of in the process.  This lets you know things are right, although the fear is there that you would love to listen to, the pure light underneath keeps that warm deep fire burning.
Are you following your deepest desire projects or just playing safe with pretty crafts??
Releasing deep set creative fears is where we all need to be.
Create Big.  Create the stuff that just seems too big to even imagine being real.
The mountain is only biggest from the bottom, the more you climb, the further you go, the smaller it becomes, and the reality is easier to conquer.
We need to start.  And keep the energy moving.
Today we are getting our caravan ready for Summer Christmas Camping.
The setting for my new book is where we camp so its making this camp extra special.
We got work to do baby
What fearful too big project are you going to tackle?
What can we do to help each other?
My call for help will be coming next week


  1. Sheree!! I'm so happy to see you back in blogland! I've missed you and your magical creative ways. Congratulations on the book! That is so wonderful! I'm going to have to think about your post (and the questions you asked) as they are not easily answered for me. So glad to see you!
    love & blessings

  2. Well, I am happy you came back and hope you stick around. I enjoy your offerings so very much! You give us something to think about, that is for sure. Am I playing it safe with predictable crafts or is their something more authentic waiting to be born of me.

  3. Yay! what providence that I just happened to be looking through my blogroll, which I haven't done in a very long time...here's the deal..first of all, SO glad to see you are well and happy...young girlie is looking awfully cute these days...secondly, I too wrote a book, on to the second already...anyway, long story short...I'm getting great feedback and things are beginning to open up for me and this series of books...so I would LOVE to promote your book, give you a whole day and post all about your book on my blog...you know what, we used to email all the time...let's do this there...give me a chat at juneart at me dot com...let's continue this idea and hello there...ps. I also have an idea for you furniture...someone made a killing a thousand years ago in LA...little chairs sold for 750 to people like Whoopie Goldberg!...let's talk..so very glad to see you again..xox june

  4. Your faerie furniture and children's book is lovely. It takes guts and heart to allow yourself to face your anxieties and keep pushing further. Keep going and keep creating, Sheree.

  5. Gotta love that Tangled birthday cake. :) I could imagine it on my birthday table, too. Hah! ;)

  6. Faerie smiles! An amazing and enchanting read! Brought tears to my eyes knowing the feeling of beauty, inspiration, and the believing in yourself; The anxieties also. Much love and sparkles Faerie Nicole

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